Why do we need a worldwide organisation?

  • • The issues affecting the ground handling industry are increasingly international
  • • Our customers often operate worldwide and whilst regional differences will always occur, responses to many issues need to be considered on a global basis
  • • In addition, only with a worldwide organisation will the voice of ground service providers carry the credibility and respect that is needed to influence major issues


What is our mission?

  • • To be recognised and consulted as the representative and professional industry forum and the voice of ground handling companies worldwide
  • • To provide a forum for consultation on industry issues between companies engaged in aircraft ground services at airports
  • • To provide a strong industry representation worldwide
  • • To develop common practices to address industry problems and to communicate them to all parties concerned in the aviation industry
  • • To work with a common effort for the progress of civil aviation in general

ASA Objectives

  • • To become the recognised international ground services provider industry organisation
  • • To offer a professional networking platform where all relevant market players debate the latest developments
  • • To become an equal partner to IATA and its working groups to professionalise and improve the future relationship
  • • To generate added value for members by defining and establishing new services and products such as the ground damage reporting tool
  • • To increase the membership to include special industry partners to fully represent our industry interests on a global scale
  • • To address the needs of the industry as identified by the members on an ongoing basis
  • • To establish regional ASA contact points
  • • To hold regular internal ASA meetings (project groups, general assembly) and to team up with other relevant industry associations such as ACI, ECAST & ICAO
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